Alon Gamliel

Senior Developer and Software Architect

Are you in need of software engineering services? I'd be happy to help on an hourly basis. Typescript is my favourite language but I am fluent in many others. I specialise in Amazon Connect and custom Softphone development. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to check out my Linkedin profile and connect with me.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand. Open for remote work. [Contact]

Software Development

With many years of experience as a "hands-on" software engineer, I am well-equipped to be your extra hand in bringing your project to successful completion. I'd be happy to assist you.

  • Typescript, Javascript, Java, SQL & AWS.
  • Fullstack development: Frontend, Backend and DevOps.
  • Complete lifecycle support: Coding, Testing, Deploying & Training.
  • +15 years of experience.

MVP Development

I have long experience in small startup companies, as an employee or as a founder. Let's work together to turn your software idea into a reality!

  • Plan for scale; code the essentials.
  • Product scope refinement.
  • Sensible technical choices.
  • Infrastructure setup (AWS).
  • Deployment setup (CI/CD).
  • Testing framework setup.

Software Architecture

If you need to solve a complex engineering problem, I can help with deep thinking and formulating a solution.

  • Technical design documents.
  • Architectural diagrams.
  • Strong writing & presentation skills.
  • Master's degree in Computer Science.

Technical Consultation

Partnering with a technical expert allows you to focus on the development and growth of your product.

  • Time & complexity estimations.
  • Code quality evaluation.
  • Trusted code reviews.

Serverless Website Development

I love Frontend development and I specialise in React.

  • Zero monthly costs (e.g. Netlify).
  • Admin portals, dashboards.
  • Pixel-perfect implementation with a designer of your choice.
  • Authentication (e.g. Google login).
  • Database (e.g. Firebase).

Amazon Connect Specialist

I have special experience in building software for contact centres, using Amazon Connect.

  • AWS integration (Lambdas, DynamoDB).
  • Softphone Extensions.
  • Contact centre dashboards.
  • Management portals.


No one knows everything, and I'm no different. Here's a partial list of things that are on my learning list.

  • Mobile development.
  • .Net ecosystem.
  • Deep tech (AI, Cyber etc.).
  • Hardware, IoT.
  • People management.


I am currently in the process of building my blog's content, but feel free to check out my first post and stay tuned for more updates.